An Account from the Age of Gods

Aeons ago the Great Continents were united and ruled over by a single Emperor. The Emperor was entrusted to the well-being of all peoples and as such held the three Imperial regalia: the sword, mirror, and the curved jewel. Together these three items represented force, knowledge, and wealth. These were the cornerstones of the Great Empire. Through force, the Emperor was able to fend off evil. Through knowledge, the Emperor was able to rule wisely and kindly. Through wealth, the Emperor ensured all his people were fed and kept happy. He truly ruled with the Mandate of Heaven.

As a descendent of the gods, the Emperor was blessed with long life. While not immortal, he lived for many centuries. For nine thousand years the land was ruled by nine subsequent emperors, each as virtuous and temperate as the last. These were the Great Sage Kings. In the tenth century of an Emperor’s reign He would return to Heaven. But the tenth Emperor grew contemptuous.

Knowing the date of one’s death is a curse and a powerful motivator. The tenth, known as Juu-Tenno, schemed to hold onto his power. As a descendent of the gods he believed he held the right to rule not only over the temporal but also the ethereal. If he could overthrow the gods themselves he could take their powers and rule the very cosmos. He could control the Dao, the way. The very fabric of reality would be his mould as he saw fit.

The Emperor gathered his nine generals. Together they plotted how to invade Heaven. It was decided that in the tenth century of the Emperor’s reign, when the Heavens provided a path for ascension, the Imperial Army would storm the gates of Heaven. His generals would never live to see their plan to fruition but their descendants would. From then on the position of Great General was transformed from a meritorious position into one of familial inheritance. These descendants were taken from birth and trained in the arts of combat.

Finally, the tenth century of the emperor’s reign arrived. His armies from across the land were gathered at the foot of the royal palace. The clouds parted and a golden path shone upon the earth, reaching towards the skies and beyond. Upon his orders, the armies rushed the Path and broke down the gates of Heaven. The gods, grown complacent over the centuries, were caught by complete surprise. The Path to heaven was cut, causing thousands of men to fall to their deaths, but not before the main forces arrived at the Heavenly Palace. With the Emperor leading the charge, the gods were cut down one by one.

In Heaven, the concept of time is meaningless. As the battle raged on centuries passed on Earth. Storms swept the Great Continent. Earthquakes fractured the lands. Pestilence decimated the populace. Great oceans formed, dividing families and peoples. The waters raged endlessly. Attempts to cross the Divide ended in complete failure.

After a millennia of combat the Emperor arrived at the Heavenly throne. There sat the sun goddess, surrounded by her nine grandchildren, the previous emperors. The goddess implored Tenth to put down his sword, as did his father, grandfather, and so-on. With the throne in his reach the Tenth cut down his ancestors, spilling their blood across the throne room. With the Imperial Sword in hand, he plunged the Force deep within the goddess’ heart. The goddess fell from the throne, landing in a crumpled heap at its foot. Her body slowly disintegrated as the light from the realm faded into utter darkness. As her body disappeared, the sword fell to the ground, passed through the floor, and out of Heaven.

Foolishly the Tenth placed himself upon the Golden Throne. But the Throne did something Tenth did not expect. A great cacophony sounded as the Gates of Heaven mended themselves and shut rapidly. His troops were trapped and began to shout in agony. The men turned to ash as an encircling darkness hit them. The great buildings of the gods crumbled and fell to the ground, the Palace solely remaining intact as the light from the throne fended off a ring of darkness. Throughout the keep’s courtyard the Great Generals turned to stone. As the Emperor looked down, he realised his own arms were beginning to change as well. They were encased in gold. The Emperor shrieked in horror as he became a part of the Throne itself. Heaven is not so easily controlled, particularly when its mandate has been disobeyed.

On Earth the seas calmed, the storms subsided, and the Earth ceased its shaking. After many centuries of destruction, the cities were entirely leveled and sunk beneath the earth; however, the people slowly began to rebuild. New kingdoms sprung up, separated from each other, ruled by those who learned from past mistakes and those who never will. The Imperial Palace was lost to the ages and the Three Regalia were spread throughout the world. It is said that he who can unite the Three, wield them wisely and justly, and find the Imperial Palace will be able to mend the woes of the world…

The Age of Conquest